Leaders in Training Experience

Christina Lucio, LITE Coordinator at Casa Linda UMC

This is my first summer with Project Transformation, and so far I am already having a great summer with amazing friends and teammates. As a LITE Coordinator, I work with teenagers who are enrolled in high school.  LITE stands for: Leaders in Training Experience.  We do activities that focus on college and career readiness, volunteering, leadership, and more.  After a very rigorous training week, I had some apprehensions beginning the summer day camp as a LITE Coordinator at Casa Linda UMC.  Apprehensions such as: Would the LITES respect me (considering the fact that I am so close in age to the LITEs and I look like a teenager as well)? Am I truly ready to work with these kids? Will I have enough energy to get through the long days?

All of my apprehensions went away when I first met the LITEs. They were all very nice and showed me respect as a new member of the Casa Linda family. They truly opened up when we began talking about the curriculum on racial inequality and diversity. It was great to hear the many different opinions and thoughts of my LITEs, and it really helped me get to know them and where they come from.

I just finished my first full week of site at Casa Linda with my LITEs and I cannot wait for the rest of the summer with these great kids!



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