Part #1: Truly Transforming Lives

Jaime Newton, Site Coordinator at Grace UMC

My goals this past summer were to complete my service term with Project Transformation, make some new friends, and help some children find their purpose in life. However, my time spent with Project Transformation during the Summer Program greatly exceeded my expectations. My friend Tracie always says that “Project Transformation ruins your life in the best way possible,” and I cannot think of a more accurate statement. This organization provides college students with a safe environment to discover themselves, love on some amazing children, and connect families to the churches within their communities. Project Transformation has provided me with an environment that is very open to my creativity, growth, and true self.


This past summer, the people on my team and this community pushed me to grow into a better version of myself. My team encouraged my ideas and asked for advice in my areas of strength. Although I never imagined myself staying in Dallas when I arrived in May, I am so thankful that God combined my love for children with an amazing organization like Project Transformation. I am also glad that I get to serve the amazing families at Grace UMC now during the Afterschool Program year!


There have definitely been many highs and lows that I have experienced throughout my time with Project Transformation. The best part of my job is having the opportunity to watch my kids find joy in their accomplishments and in their lives. I get to watch them work hard on completing a book and hear the excitement in their voices as they share their accomplishments with me. We, as PT Corps Members, have the opportunity to challenge them to care about their futures. I see how hard they are working to become children with great character. This past summer, our children celebrated milestones like being adopted, losing a tooth, birthdays, and making new friends. I think at the heart of Project Transformation is the growth that occurs within the children, young adult PT Corps Members, and the communities served. This organization truly transforms lives!


(Stay tuned for Part #2 next week!)



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