Happy First Day of the After-School Program 2015-16

It is the first day of the After-School Program season and we are so excited to introduce our Site Coordinators and Reading Curriculum Coordinator to you! These PT Corps Members have all served with Project Transformation before and we were curious, what is it that brought them back? By way of introduction, they have answered this very question for us!

“I came back to Project Transformation because I love this program and its mission. I came back for the After-School Program as a Site Coordinator because I saw it as a great opportunity to work on my leadership skills. I am so happy to be back!”

Caitlin Harris, Chapel Hill UMC

“This past summer was my first time serving with Project Transformation and it was a truly transformative summer. The community and the children within Project Transformation helped me learn more about myself and the world around me. I decided to come back because I wanted to continue building relationships with the children, families, my site church, and other PT Corps Members here in Dallas. I am excited to spend my year serving alongside the other amazing Site Coordinators to help continue the amazing work that is done through Project Transformation.”

Jaime Newton, Grace UMC

“I decided to come back as an After-School Program Site Coordinator because of the love I have for the program. I hope to follow the footsteps of the Site Coordinators I have worked with these past two years to make the After-School Program as fun and awesome as I can.”

Valerie Ramirez, Christ’s Foundry UMC


“The staff and PT Corps Members of Project Transformation have continually poured into me during my first three summers of service and have played an integral role in my personal development. I have also enjoyed working with the kids and watching them go through personal discoveries in school subjects, practical knowledge, and theological ideologies. These moments have provided me with wonderful experiences and relationships that I know I will cherish forever. I cannot wait to spend a year living with my fellow Project Transformation After-School Program leaders and serving our children.”

Mitchel Lambert, Elmwood UMC

“At first, I came back to Project Transformation after my first summer in 2012 because I had such an incredible experience with the staff, my fellow PT Corps Members, and especially the kids. In the four summers I have served with Project Transformation I have seen the program adapt to the needs of both the kids and the PT Corps Members. It is this openness to change and the will to try new ideas to better serve the kids and the PT Corps Members that makes this program stand out in a way that keeps pulling me back.”

Philip Espinoza, Munger Place Church

“Project Transformation represents change for me. Serving in the summers of 2007, 2009, and 2015, I walked away with more awareness of myself and who I’m growing to be, so I feel committing to a year of service for my last AmeriCorps term would complete the journey. I’m completely open to gaining new experiences at Project Transformation and this is what led me to serve in the After-School Program as well as the Summer Program. I look forward to serving as a Site Coordinator at Pleasant Mound this year!”

Stephen Anderson, Pleasant Mound-Urban Park UMC

There are many reasons for returning to serve with Project Transformation, but the most important reason is the relationships. Throughout the time that I have worked at Project Transformation, I have made some great relationships with the staff, churches, families and most importantly, the children that I serve. I am glad to be serving one more year in this program and look forward to the relationships that I will be building again this year!

Felipe Alambar, Walnut Hill UMC

“After working as a PT Corps Member in Summer 2013, it was obvious to me that this program offers something special for its employees. Upon returning in 2014 as a Youth Reading Curriculum Coordinator, my sentiment was affirmed. Project Transformation simply offers the best leadership and growth opportunities that a college-aged young adult could hope for. This job is rewarding in both the inherent nature of the work and also in the personal development that each PT Corps Member can experience. Returning to Project Transformation is an easy decision when the staff of the program is so devoutly committed to the progression of its employees.”

Dewey Marshall, Reading Curriculum Coordinator



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