Inspiring Community Service Among High School Participants

Ken Pham, LITE Coordinator at Casa Linda UMC

The high school students in our LITE (Leaders In Training Experience) Program have a major service project that they have to complete by the end of summer. I was unsure how they would take the news during the first week as I stood there explaining the deadlines they have to meet. For many, Project Transformation is their first opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community. Most of them don’t drive and few have ever had a job. Every day, they are given a little bit of time at the end of the day to work on their service project. Their ideas are becoming more polished as they begin to do research on how to prep and plan for a service project. The process is all a part of the learning experience at Project Transformation. More importantly, they are having a lot of fun planning, while at the same time, bringing a positive change to their community. It is just wonderful to see them become so excited about community service with Project Transformation guiding them along.


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