Intern of the Month: Berenice

Name: BereniceIntern of the month - Bernice

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Area of study/vocation: Christian ministry

Project Transformation site location: Christ’s Foundry UMC

What was your favorite book as a child?: As a child my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are.

How many years have you been with Project Transformation: I have been a participant in the program since it first began at the same site where I now serve as an intern.

What is one important lesson you have learned from the children you serve at Christ’s Foundry?: I have learned to take a new look on life from the moment I began to work with the children. Children have so much curiosity, enthusiasm, and of course energy. Just by observing them, you see how full of life they are. By simply following their way of living and trying to have a little enthusiasm or curiosity would make anyone’s day better.

How has Project Transformation helped you prepare for the future?: Project Transformation has personally helped me because interacting with the children has brought to me a passion for teaching. This is helping me prepare to become a Youth Pastor; a career that allows me to teach youth about the Word of God. I have enjoyed spending time with children so much that I eventually would like to become an elementary school teacher as well. Working with the children is preparing me for that potential career because I am not only interacting with children in an educational setting, but I am also making an effort to get to know each and every one of the kids on a personal level.

How do you see Project Transformation being a catalyst for change in our community?: There are many children who are not able to do their homework at home due to the lack of education their parents have. Project Transformation is allowing for them to get the help they need. This is helping the children succeed in their work which will eventually prepare them for future success. The programs that Project Transformation offers keep children out of the streets where they are bound to get into trouble and instead provides them with a place where they can feel safe and where they will get the support of other friends that are participating as well.


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