Intern of the Month: Valerie

Name: Valerie

Hometown: Dallas, TexasIntern of the month - Valerie

University/College: Eastfield College

Area of study/major: Environmental Science

Project Transformation site location: Casa Linda UMC

What was your favorite book as a child?: As a child my favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss .

How many years have you been with Project Transformation: I’ve been with PT for about 9 years!

What is one important lesson you have learned from the children you serve at Casa Linda?: The children at Casa Linda are a unique bunch of kids. Most of them are always ready and excited to be at site and are always smiling. They have taught me that you should focus on the positive things in life because everything is not about winning it’s about having fun!

What is your favorite aspect about being on a team with your fellow interns?: I love working with my fellow interns as we all bring something different to site! I feel like even though we have different talents and skills, we all care about our kids and just want to be our best to make a difference in their lives. If it’s helping them become better readers or teaching them right from wrong, we work as a team and support each other.

How is Project Transformation helping you prepare for the future?: Project Transformation and the past interns have made a huge impact on me throughout the years and I am so grateful. Now that I’m focusing on my future, I’ve learned that we have to do certain tasks even if we don’t like it. It’s part of life. I’ve been managing my time better and learning what areas I need to spend more time on to improve. Teaching me to follow my goals, values and beliefs, PT has given me a wake up call and it has helped me become a better person .


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