Planting Seeds of Change: Former Interns


Dennis Land, Elementary Intern at Waples

Hello! My name is Dennis Land and I attend McMurry University in Abilene, Texas. I am currently pursuing my major in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in psychology, servant leadership, and music.

My story with Project Transformation started on a mission’s trip to Juarez, Mexico this past December. On the trip, I met the person that would plant the seed that would change my life, Dewy Marshall. In fact, he wouldn’t let me sleep until I knew all about what “PT” had to offer. When I returned home, I looked up Project Transformation immediately.

After applying, interviewing, and then being accepted as a summer intern, I learned I was being sent to the Sherman/Denison area to be an intern at Waples UMC. To be honest, I was relieved considering I am from a very small town and if I were in Dallas, I may have gone nuts if I were to see more skyscrapers than grass. The first day, I met the people that would make, in my opinion, the best team of 2014! Our site church was deeply involved in transforming not only our kids’ lives but the interns’ lives as well, including mine! It’s hard to believe that the show is almost over for this year. I will definitely return next year if I can! 


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