A Thank You Note to Project Transformation Volunteers, Parents and Stakeholders

Jamille Fields, Site Coordinator at Grace

I cannot believe that Project Transformation is entering our last week of regular summer programming! It has truly been a wonderful experience with our kids. As we all know, many of the children in the program come from various backgrounds and as a result, were initially reluctant to open up their hearts to us. I have made it a commitment from day one for our team to make it a priority to dive deep into the hearts of our kids. Without that, we would only be a group of college students monitoring a group of children every day. Instead, I strive for excellence in our time here so that we can individually relate and counsel the needs of every child personally. This is our ministry. I’m forever grateful for all of the ways that you have donated your time, finances, and hearts to our children. They truly love and appreciate all that you continue to do for them. I want to share with you my vision statement for this summer program that I created in March when I received my assignment to Grace. “Growth, not only in the individual’s abilities, but to see growth in an individual’s mindset, through which all things originate.” Thank you all again. – Jamille 




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