Cultivating Relationships and Building New Ones at Munger Place

Philip Espinoza, Youth Intern and Worship Coordinator at Munger Place Church

This is my third summer as an intern with Project Transformation and my second summer at Munger Place Church. This is my first time working with youth, a concept which used to terrify me in the past, but through my experience working with some of our 5th and 6th graders last year, my attitude about it has changed. I love working with them because I get to form deeper relationships with them and they’re SUPER funny and witty towards us and I get to return the favor. There’s never a dull day with the youth!


Because this is my second summer at Munger Place, I not only work to form relationships with the kids, but I get to cultivate existing relationships formed during the previous summer with some of them. This was the biggest reason I was excited to be back at this site. It wasn’t the amazing support and wonderful staff at Munger Place (although, they are awesome too!), it was the anticipation I felt knowing I would see some of the kids again from last year. This was reinforced on the first day of site when I saw my kids again. It brought me such joy. It made me certain this would be a great summer. And you know what? They haven’t let me down.


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