Challenges and Rewards: Summer Youth Program at Project Transformation

Brooke Doerksen, Youth Intern at Casa Linda

The greatest challenges often result in the largest rewards. That message rings true here at Project Transformation. With over a week of formal training and learning how to manage many different scenarios, I felt prepared to work with the youth. I remembered back to my awkward middle school years and how many positive influences had helped me through the times between childhood and adulthood. The youth walking in the doors at Casa Linda deserve the same guidance I received in middle school and I am so blessed to be able to give back in the way others poured love and invested so much time into my life at that same stage in my life.


The first week was short and we only had two days with the kids.  Everything was going well. As interns, we were beginning to learn names and group dynamics. As we began playing several games, it became more apparent to me that one shy girl seemed to be confused by every game we played. She needed someone to explain everything we did throughout the day. Pre-assessments have shown this little girl is not currently reading at her grade level and she seemed to be struggling. Trying to guide her specifically through activities was starting to become difficult for me as an intern who has been charged with a small group of youth students.

The next week, all of a sudden, there was one activity she completed without needing any extra explanation. It was such an exciting moment for me to see her progress. Self-confidence seemed to beam out of her.

God has given me many opportunities to practice patience here at Project Transformation and He has also provided moments where He gently points out to me that he is at work alongside me and my team at Casa Linda. Even in the minute things, He is caring for all of us and I am excited to see what the rest of this summer has in store!


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