Amazing Team, Amazing Youth, and an Amazing Summer

Tracie Shippy, Youth Reading Coordinator at Casa Linda

This is my second summer here at Project Transformation and just as last summer, I am LOVING every second of Project Transformation so far. It is so awesome to be back with old friends from last summer and it is equally as awesome making new friends this year. Last summer, I was a youth intern at Oak Cliff United Methodist Church and really and truly enjoyed my time working with youth. As much as I would like to say I transformed their lives, I can almost bet they transformed mine way more. I truly had an amazing team, amazing youth, and an amazing summer.


That’s what brought me back again this summer and it has been amazing being back home in this community. This summer, I am at Casa Linda United Methodist Church and am a Reading Coordinator. My site is 1 of 3 pilot sites with an expanded youth literacy program. One of my favorite parts of this summer has been seeing my kids excited about reading. Yes, I said it. They are EXCITED about reading! I love team Casa Linda and am looking forward to all that is in store for this summer with my youth, team, and fellow Project Transformation interns!


One thought on “Amazing Team, Amazing Youth, and an Amazing Summer

  1. Cool! That is the perfect position for you Tracie!! So exciting for the youth to have an enhanced reading focus!

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