A Retrospective: Site Set-up Days and Worship Nights at Project Transformation

Kristin Fox, Site Coordinator at Munger Place

This is our second and last site set up day! After a training this morning, we went and met with Jake Porter, the Associate Director of Family Ministry at Munger Place, to talk about the logistics of the church and expectations for us as a team. I spent most of the day filing registration forms and demographic information, as my teammates prepared their work spaces for the kids. We took a lunch break and headed to Café Brazil down the street: My favorite restaurant! I have never ordered anything from there that wasn’t amazing. We got a lot of team bonding in today and the more time I spend with them, the more comfortable I am leading this team into success.

We also had a technology-styled worship tonight. Project Transformation is not only in Dallas, but the organization has also been launched in Oklahoma and Tennessee. Through Skype, we all joined together for one big worship service. Each site took something specific upon themselves such as reading scripture, leading worship for everyone, or prayer in fellowship. We had a sermon video from one of the co-founders of the program, Sarah Wilke, and she talked about the vision of how it all started — truly inspiring! This organization started on a napkin at a restaurant over two cups of coffee 16 years ago!

Another thing that was available during the service was a twitter/facebook newsfeed. Anyone could tag #pttechworship on their status and their comments would show up on the screen for all three states to see. At the very end, we had a time of prayer requests where we posted and read prayers on the live feed.

Through this entire service, I was feeling really down and overwhelmed with the site coordinator responsibilities and dealing with teaching interviews at the same time. I didn’t feel very engaged and truly felt the burden of the world on my shoulders. I was wondering who I could talk to here that would understand my concerns. I continued watching as each prayer request posted and then I saw that someone had put my name: “Robin said “Kristin is amazing! Pray for her interview this Thursday for her dream teaching job!” Robin happened to be sitting right next to me, but I didn’t dare look at her. How did she know? I hadn’t even told anyone yet that I had the interview for Justin on Thursday. It brought me to tears, but I didn’t dare move a muscle or look at anyone but the screen. When the time had come to an end, they had a moment of communion to set us off into our first day of site with the kids. I dipped my bread and simply walked to the back of the room. As soon as I turned around, there was Robin coming right after me with arms wide open. She said she loved me as she hugged me tight. I asked her how she knew as I didn’t even tell anyone and she simply said that she could feel the stress/tension as she was sitting next to me.

Robin is an education major at Texas Tech and has one more year of school as she starts her student teaching. She said that I remind her of where she will be next year as she looks for a job in the middle of Project Transformation. She truly cares and sympathizes. This absolutely made my night!


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