Literacy Program Instills Confidence in Reading

Robin Isom, Reading Curriculum Coordinator

This summer brings new experiences and a position that might go unnoticed at times. I was hesitant at first about accepting the position as a Reading Curriculum Coordinator at Project Transformation, but I am glad I did because my position gives me the chance to interact with interns and children at the same time. Daily, I remind myself that my work with the Literacy Program at Project Transformation is helping to benefit the children in the neighborhoods of Dallas that we serve.


There is a story I continue to play through my head when things get tough from my summer with Project Transformation last year in 2013. I met a kid that was going into the 2nd grade who wouldn’t even touch a book in English and only wanted to read in Spanish. After weeks and weeks of working with him and helping him become comfortable with reading an English book, he finally did it on week 7 of the program! That day, he read 20 books on the A level. The look on his face just wanted to make you cry. He had the biggest smile on his face and two days later, he came back to the program and told us how he had read the rules for laser tag to his cousins where they had just played the night before. He finally found his confidence in reading!

His story is one that encourages me on the tough days. I love my job this summer and all of the people that I come in contact with!


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