Intern of the Month: Rickella Hannon

Our intern of the month received this glowing nomination from her Site Coordinator;

There is much to be said about an individual who can come into a new environment, with new people, and new goals and make it their very own. To walk in with head held high and self-certainty to match, is not only noteworthy, but admirable in my book. Rickella has the ability to improvise but she is also great at keeping the kids accountable for their behavior and everyone else accountable for their responsibilities. She takes great direction and doesn’t need to be told anything twice. I have seen the passion she has for serving; it emanates from within. She loved the kids immediately and pays close attention to each of their specific needs. I am proud to have this lady on my team and I know her ambition and drive, the program at Elmwood will go far.

Rickella Hannon_4blogName: Rickella Hannon

Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

College: University of North Texas at Dallas

Major: Sociology and Child Development

Project Transformation Site: Elmwood UMC

Hobbies: Shopping, going to Six Flags, volunteering



Why did you want to serve as an intern at Project Transformation?

I am a firm believer in being a force for change. Project Transformation’s mission spoke to my heart and I knew if given the opportunity, the chance to make a change would come. Everyday, I see and feel the good change in the kids that I serve.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from working with children/youth?

The most important lesson I have learned is that children learn what we show them and not always from what we teach them. So I strive to show my kids that anything is possible.

What is your favorite part of the Project Transformation experience?

The kids! Kids have a way of given beauty to the ugliest situations. They give us hope when there is none. In my students, I see a reflection that I should see in myself.

If you could tell one story from your experience at Project Transformation, what story would you tell?

I haven’t had much experience with special needs children. But at my site, I have the blessing to spend time with a young girl in whom I see so much of myself. She is always willing to help and not be afraid to be the oddball. My experience with her has allowed me to face challenges in my own life that I was afraid to face.


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