Learning and Growing!

Miracle Ojiaku, Munger Place UMC

smiling interns  (1) croppedI can honestly say that I’ve changed into a different person in a good way by being in Dallas for the summer. If you leave a band-aid on a wound that has been healed for so long, it will not get as much exposure to receive the full healing and strength because of how long it has been covered. I’ve gotten so much exposure here at PT. I have seen and experienced the other side of things: people’s lives, lifestyles, and religious backgrounds. I have learned that I can never be perfect. And that is okay. God has stretched me so much since I’ve been here and everyday he continues to do his work. When I first got here I felt alone because I was not used to how things functioned here. The more effort you put into something will determine how much you’re going to get back. It may not be what we are expecting all the time, but you never know how it can affect our character, strength, patience, and potential. I found stillness in my kids at my site: the overwhelming joy I felt when they got something right or did something good on their own. I have observed how much a simple greeting can go a long way. I take time to greet and start a conversation with my kids throughout the day and by lunch time they are always asking me to sit with them at lunch.  I also love the unity that is within PT, it is a contagious spirit that needs to shared continuously.  To everyone who is and has been apart of PT. I ask you and myself this question, what are you going to do with the calling that God has given you?


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