Excited to See the Youth Mature

Shaela Kobs, Elmwood UMC

DSCI0206Yesterday, some of our youth girls had an outburst right after lunch because they were upset at the elementary kids for not picking up after themselves. Afterwards, the youth interns and our site coordinator talked with the girls about why they were so upset and yelled earlier that afternoon. They said it was because the kids usually don’t pay attention to them while they are helping sweep and mop after lunch; they run through the piles and don’t listen to the older girls who are just trying to help. After site yesterday afternoon, the youth gathered the interns together for an update on the situation. It came as a total shock to me and a couple other interns! I had no idea that this was going on. Our site coordinator told us the girls wanted to have a talk with the elementary interns about our kids during recess today. Honestly, I was so scared to go into that meeting. The youth do a lot for the elementary kids and help out the interns. I know they feel under-appreciated sometimes. During the meeting, the girls said that they felt really awful about what they said and voiced their concerns to us. Even though there were still imperfections in the situation, I was really impressed with the maturity of the girls and how they wanted to come talk to the interns about the situation. One of the girls even said, “Just like Jesus forgives us when we sin, we forgive y’all and thank you for saying sorry”. It was a really humbling experience. Some of them even said that they dream of becoming an intern in a few years. This gives me more hope than ever, that we ARE making an impact in the their lives, whether that be direct interaction with them or indirectly. What I love most about Project Transformation is the love that is spread from program to program; site to site, youth to elementary, intern to intern and the after effects that we don’t see.


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