I Just Had to Come Back!

Philip Espinoza, Munger Place UMC

Munger Place  (24)This summer is the second time I have given up going home to Wisconsin for the summer to be an intern at Project Transformation. Obviously, something clicked last year that got me to return. I don’t know if it was the amazing kids or the awesome interns that I lived with, our staff or the ministry exploration Friday Experiences or if it was all of the above, But coming back has given me even more reason to love this organization. It is PT’s 15th anniversary and hearing how the program as grown and changed over that time from just elementary to including middle and high school students with our youth and L.I.T.E. programs is so inspiring. During training, we learned that it was the initiative of interns who saw a need to expand the program to include these other age groups. This has caused PT to become the organization it is. More recently, in the past year our reading program has been revamped, and our L.I.T.E. program has become more structured including a college tour trip at the end of the summer for our high school kids. One of my pet peeves is when people are too set in the “old ways” and refuse to change, but PT does exactly the opposite; it changes with the needs of our kids and isn’t afraid to try something new. This is one of my new reasons for wanting to return to Dallas in the future and see what Project Transformation has in store for the future!


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