Surprise Impact!

Morgan Butler, Chapel Hill UMC Youth

Elmwood  (11)At the beginning of this summer we had our kids do a journal entry and their topic was to choose a wild animal to have as a pet, describe why they want that animal and give the animal a name. One of our youth chose to share her journal entry and told us that she had chosen a giraffe as her animal and had named it after one of the interns. Turns out, she had named the giraffe after myself. I was under the impression that it was due to the fact that I am tall, similar to a giraffe, however, she proceeded to tell the group that she had named the animal after me because I had had a big impact on her last year and had changed her life. This revelation was surprising to me because she was not one of the youth that I had felt a real connection with. But apparently something I had done or said that summer had affected her in the right way and I was able to transform a kid’s life without even realizing it. Project Transformation truly does transform lives, not only the lives of our kids, but also the lives of the interns as well. I know my life has been transformed in so many ways, including a possible calling to ministry, all thanks to serving with a truly amazing organization.


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