Intern Transformation Impacts the Kids

Kirsten Mary-Anne Frost, Oakcliff UMC

Oak Cliff Pictures Week 1-5 001 My home in Sumter, SC is exactly 1042 miles from where I’m sitting as I write this blogpost. The longest amount of time that I’ve spent away from Sumter was in sixth grade when I visited my dad for five weeks while he was stationed in Germany. Even while I’m at college, I come home frequently to visit with friends and see my mom. Needless to say,the move to Dallas was a huge one, physically and emotionally. I arrived at Southern Methodist University terrified, homesick, and an all around hot mess (for lack of a better phrase). As soon as I moved my things into my room, I burst into tears, sure I couldn’t do this. Within hours, I was in orientation, doing the Wobble with 100+ of my soon to be close friends. We broke up into teams and slowly I began to think that my summer wouldn’t be so bad. I can confidently say, six weeks into my summer that the hunch was right.
I could go on and on about the phenomenal community created by living with my co-workers. But Project Transformation without the kids, that is where my true transformation really lies first so kids can be positively impacted. You see, during training week, all the returning interns and staff tell you that this job will transform you. And yet, you never really expect it. But it comes out of nowhere. Suddenly, you aren’t afraid to do things on your own, talk to people who are different than you, try new things. The fear is gone, replaced with a new sense of adventure and confidence. For me, there is little doubt that this transformation come directly from God. As I reflect on my journey to and through Project Transformation, my story does not make sense without Him. There is no reason that I would ever leave home – and all things comfortable – without God calling me here. I love my life in South Carolina, but I love Christ more. And even though I did not realize it at the time, he was clearly calling me to Dallas to love children in His name and experience something new. He has blessed me tremendously through this opportunity through deep friendships that could only have developed in His presence, through children that I need more than they need me, and through a chance to explore my passions in a safe and fun environment. I am so grateful for the people and children I’ve met. My only hope is that I have been able to glorify Him, and especially by loving the kids a little bit more each day.


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