More Than a Program

Elizabeth Tutt, Reading Coordinator – Walnut Hill UMC

reading (2)Though this is only my first summer here at Project Transformation, I feel as though this place is already my home. The kids and interns I work with every day are family to me. I have been involved in Project Transformation since the summer going into my seventh grade year in middle school by volunteering in the reading program. From there, I fell in love with Project Transformation’s mission, the reading program, and the kids at the site. Project Transformation is more than just a day camp where kids can have fun, play games, and improve their reading skills-it’s a place they can come to get away from the possible negative impacts or influences going on in their lives. Here, they can come as they are – they are surrounded by a positive energy, and grow memories with friends and interns that care about them. As a reading coordinator, I can already see how their reading levels are sustaining or progressing and how this program is influencing their lives. Even though sometimes the kids drive us crazy (we all have our moments!), they are such a blessing to work with everyday. While I like to think that the other interns and I are changing their world, I often find that they have changed mine. These kids mean the world to me. To watch them grow more in God’s love and grow stronger as individuals is incredibly touching. I  wouldn’t have it any other way. Through this summer internship, God has confirmed my love of teaching and that elementary education is something I will continue to pursue during my time at TexasTechUniversity. Yet as I travel further down my road of education-no matter how many classrooms or students I have-these children at Project Transformation will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget the summer we shared together.



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