Intern of the Month: Brittany Andrews

Congratulations to Brittany Andrews, our February Intern of the Month! Brittany was nominated for Intern of the Month by Whitney, her site coordinator, and Hannah, our reading coordinator. Here is what they had to say about Brittany:

“We feel like Brittany should win Intern of the Month because of how helpful she is at site. She is always the first to step up with a new activity or idea if something runs too short. When Joanna (a fellow intern) has surgery and had to be away from the program, Brittany rallied the kids together and talked about how Miss Joanna was a real hero.  She then helped the kids create a hero banner and an “I Love You” video to help in her recovery!

We love how you can see how much she loves the kids at Elmwood and always gives 110% of herself to Project Transformation. You can truly see her impact on the kids every day. She also encourages the kids at Elmwood to share their talents through a daily time called Elmwood Café. We have seen so many kids blossom through this. Brittany is a large part of what helps Elmwood run smoothly every day. Plus, the kids LOVE her!”

Brittney Andrews

Name:            Brittany Andrews
Hometown:    Dallas, Texas
College:         Tarrant County College
Site:               Elmwood UMC

Why did you want to serve as an intern at Project Transformation?
I felt like it was time for me to make giving back a large part of my life and volunteering for Project Transformation the previous school year really gave me the eagerness and motivation to be a part of the team.

What is the most important less you have learned from working with children/youth?
Children are so delicate and impressionable and just learning how to handle them with care and being the best role model I can be has been very impactful.

What is your favorite part of the Project Transformation experience?
My favorite part of Project Transformation is the fact that it’s the little things that count. That’s the biggest return on investment that I have ever experienced. Simply listening to a child or offering a hug or high five for a job well done can brighten a child’s day. In return, my day gets made! It’s the best feeling ever!

If you could tell one story from your experience at Project Transformation, what story would you tell?
The most fun thing I have done with my site this year was making a short Christmas album. The preparation and recording of the songs was so awesome and being able to create a memory that our kids will have for a long time was an amazing experience. My kids are so cute and talented!


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