My Favorite Memory

Favorite Memory

This month at Pleasant Mound we have had so many themes from Superhero Week to Career Week to Heroes Week. In all of these themes, we have had the kids not only learn about the people in their community, but also learn about themselves and how they too can be heroes and have successful careers in the future. One of the most rewarding parts of doing these themes was an illustration one of our second graders made. We were creating our autobiographies, and her favorite memory was coming to Project Transformation! It was so awesome to see our hard work this past year pay off with our kids.

In continuing our theme of having our kids learn about careers, we got to learn this week about the awesome world of theater! The Dallas Opera came to our site and put on a program called TDO (The Dallas Opera) In A Box. They worked hard to show our kids how fun theater can be! It was an amazing two day program, and it was so cool to see organizations like TDO partnering with the local community.

Hannah Escalante
Pleasant Mound UMC, Site Coordinator


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