New Year, New Experience


At Christ’s Foundry, the beginning of the New Year was wonderful. Yesterday, a child walked into my program at the beginning of the afternoon. Christopher had registered for the program previously but he never had the chance to come to the after-school program since he finishes mandatory tutoring at 5:30pm daily. In the past, Christopher has had some discipline issues at the church and at school, however at the program Christopher was an angel; he was excited to be a part of Project Transformation. By word of mouth, the experiences that the kids in Project Transformation’s after-school program have been shared to the community. The words of encouragement and praise from the site staff and the church’s congregation have affirmed to me and the other interns that our work is not only blessing us, but that it’s a blessing to the people we are in ministry with.

I was glad to see the kiddos again after Christmas break and thankfully they were glad to see me! When I entered this semester, it was an entirely different experience than the beginning in September. I knew a little bit more of what to expect and had much higher confidence in my own abilities to work with the Christ Foundry community. I am so blessed to be right where I am; the happiest parts of my days often occur between 3pm and 6pm at la Fundición de Cristo.

James Lawrence
Site Coordinator – Christ’s Foundry UMM


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