Community Livin’


When I tell people that I live with nine other people that I also work with, they always ask if we get along. It might be because of our laid back personalities or because we all truly get along, but living at the apartments has been awesome.  The apartments have become more of a house than separate living spaces. Many nights have been spent with seven of us eating and chilling around the kitchen table in Apartment D. We also did not hook up our TV until election night, so we spent many hours bonding while playing Super Tennis (a game that is older than some interns!) on the Super Nintendo and watching many movies.

Some nights are filled with teaching each other new skills. The night of December 3rd will go down as the night Josh attempted to bake cookies.  Without the help of Andrea, Hannah, Hannah, and Whitnet, he would have been up all night trying to bake the cookies.  We have cooked together (Hannah Cauley’s Orange Zest French Toast is the best), traveled together, karaoked together, and even camped out together.  We are all very different, but we know this and have opened ourselves up to new experiences because of this.

Rachel Luna
Site Coordinator
Chapel Hill UMC


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