Jumping Through Hoops for Our Participants

Joanna with a participant in summer 2012

One day this week, one of my fifth graders told me that her class was going on a field trip the following day, but that she sadly could not go.  This child is diabetic and truly relies on insulin to live.  Her teacher told her that in order to attend, she needed to have a guardian with her at all times, but her parents were unable to attend.  This child loves nature, but has always been kept from it due to her health condition. This field trip would have been her first trip to an environmental center.  She expressed how she always has to miss field trips because no one can check her blood sugar or give her insulin.  I could see how sad she was to miss the field trip, so I started to make phone calls to address the situation.

When it was time to pick up the kids, I spoke to her father and let him know that she didn’t need a guardian with her at all times because I spoke to the environmental center risk management and nurses.  I found a school nurse that could service his daughter before the field trip to give her the insulin shot and that she would be safe at all times because the environmental center assured she would be under the best care.  I gave him the risk manager’s number in case he needed anything.  All he needed to do was sign the permission form so she could go.

He agreed to let her go, and I made sure to give her my bug spray and sunblock so he didn’t need to purchase those items for her.  The child was happy and the parent was beyond grateful that I had jumped through hoops for his daughter.

Joanna Osorio
Elmwood UMC Intern


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