Moments of Transformation: Excitement for Learning

Interns work with students to build their love of learning

Our interns experience transformation everyday.  Here, several interns share about the excitement for learning that they have seen grow within their students during the after-school program.

Luis came in on Wednesday extremely excited (and a bit too loud for homework time!), saying, “Miss!  I have great news!”  Usually, Luis is never this excited about anything.  He explained that he received a 100 on his writing assignment without asking anyone for help.  It was so great to see him excited and so proud of himself.
-Whitney Parson, Elmwood UMC

At Pleasant Mound this week, a first grader who always struggles with reading, was an All-Star with a rhyming puzzle activity.  He got so excited about getting them all correct that he did a celebratory dance, shouting “Miss!  I’m on fire!”  He then proceeded to help the other two struggling members of our group.
-Hannah Cauley, Reading Coordinator 

At site, our fifth and sixth graders have been reading The Phantom Tollbooth.  At first, they were not excited about reading it, but this past week they got to act out what they have read so far.  They loved getting to act out the story and did an amazing job.  So good, in fact, that now the first through fourth graders want to read and act out a story!
-Hannah Escalante, Pleasant Mound UMC


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