Moments of Transformation: Academic Growth

Playing academic enrichment games at Chapel Hill UMC!

Our interns experience transformation everyday.  Here several interns share stories about the academic growth of participants that they have witnessed in the after-school program.

Yesterday, one of our kids who had been struggling in math had a project to do.  He needed to create a greatest common factor tree and had to pick any number from 100 and up.  He chose 600 and at first regretted it because “big numbers are too hard and scary.”  Once he broke the number down, he was able to do the problem all on his own and then wanted to factor 2,000….just for fun.
-Whitney Parson, Elmwood UMC

At site, we played Boom (a fast-paced spelling game) and had our third graders spelling fifth grade words.  At first, they didn’t want to try, but when the game was over, and I reminded the group that they were spelling hard words, all of their faces lit up in excitement and Michelle, a third grader, said, “Who knew we were so smart?!”
-Hannah Escalante, Pleasant Mound UMC

Oak Cliff has a second grader named Ismeal who has been super frustrated with reading this year since it is harder than first grade.  Lately, he has been getting discouraged with his reading homework and even crying over bad reading grades.  However this week, after a conversation about trying easier books, he greeted me with a book in hand and asked to read together for extra time even though he had finished his 20 minutes of reading already.  Since choosing more level-appropriate books, his interest in reading and his smile have returned.
-Hannah Cauley, Reading Coordinator


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