Unnatural Courage

Joanna with a participant in summer 2012

With a new year starting for Project Transformation, I had to make peace with starting at a new site as well. Last year was my very first year with Project Transformation, and what a true project I took on—not only to transform the lives of others in my communities, but mine as well. Arriving at my new site, I sat in my car for a few minutes to reflect and pray about meeting my new children, site staff, and everyone new involved. I was torn thinking that I wouldn’t be able to work with the same children whose lives and faces I had grown to love every single day. Funny how the right things at the right time appear in one’s life… Wonder whose mighty doing that is? My new site has not been the blessing that I “wanted,” but the blessing that I have “needed.”

To be brief, because honestly I could write an epic novel about how I truly feel about being involved with Project Transformation, I am truly humbled (and almost in tears writing this) to have been found when I was lost. Project Transformation has saved me and has allowed me to have an unnatural courage I never knew I could feel to walk through life. From my children, to my site staff, to my co-interns, and the staff of Project Transformation, all have impacted my life. I have never felt alone, but always encouraged. I might have been terrified before, but my entire experience thus far has influenced my life-changing decision to undergo testing to donate life back to my mother.  In December of this year, by God’s will, it is confirmed that I am donating my left kidney to my mother. It is a rare gift, and a rare percentage that I was meant to give life back to my mom. My life has come full circle, and I feel complete knowing that I was found when I thought I was lost only to confirm that my life was meant for Transformation.

Joanna Osorio
Elmwood UMC Intern


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