Intern of the Month: Carolina Avila

Name: Carolina Avila
Hometown: Cedar Hill, Texas
College:  Dallas Baptist University
Major:  Communications Theory and Business
Project Transformation Site: Christ’s Foundry UMC
Hobbies:  Reading leadership books, watching action or romantic movies, Zumba, crafts, baking, and cooking

Why did you want to serve as an intern at Project Transformation?
The opportunities that it provided.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from working with children?
That you have to be cautious and consider how to react in handling different situations.

What is your favorite part of the Project Transformation experience?
The leadership development and the learning experiences at site.

If you could tell one story from your experience at Project Transformation, what story would you tell?
One time, James (Christ’s Foundry Site Coordinator) was speaking about respect.  Two of our kids who are known to cause some trouble opened up and shared a time when James had spoken one-on-one with them about respect.  They both remembered what took place and demonstrated learning from this.  It was a serious and cute moment.


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