Introducing Our Coordinator of Curriculum!

Welcome to Project Transformation, Elisabeth!

Project Transformation is very excited to announce the newest addition to our staff, Elisabeth Danielsons.  Elisabeth comes to Project Transformation through the US-2 young adult missions program of the United Methodist Church.  Through this program, Elisabeth will be serving Project Transformation for two years as our Coordinator of Curriculum.  She will be working closely with program staff to plan and implement curriculum, assisting interns with facilitating activities, and working on developing assessments to determine the effectiveness of our programs.  She is truly a blessing to our organization!

Elisabeth is maintaining a blog to chronicle her experience as a US-2 missionary.  Here is an excerpt from a recent post on her blog, about building community among the after-school interns.  Feel free to check Elisabeth’s blog often to read about her transition to Dallas, her experience at Project Transformation, and all of the great work that she is doing! Elisabeth’s blog can viewed at

“One of my jobs with Project Transformation is to establish monthly dinners for the year-long interns. This is partly because I’m a US-2 and establishing a community is a big part of the US-2 program, but it fits in with Project Transformation because the interns don’t have as large of a community during the after-school program. During the summer program, there are nightly dinners and lots of time for bonding. Of course, with 100 or so interns this might be easier to accomplish. Right now in the after-school program we have around 20 interns who for the most part are in school or have other jobs than just working with the after-school program. So nonetheless, I am determined to  have a dinner for them once a month (food is an incentive, right?). Along with this, the plan is to have a small devotional.

This past Saturday was the first dinner! We had a taco potluck, if you want to call it that. I cooked some meat (WAY too much) and the interns were asked to bring the rest of the supplies. We ended up having 5 interns, 1 boyfriend, and me. Not so shabby for the first dinner!  We ate tacos, and I have to say that they were pretty awesome. We talked, laughed, and had a good time. I also asked what they wanted these to be because they are not about me so much as they are about allowing the interns to build a sense of community.

And this is where I get really excited… instead of doing a Bible study-type devotional, we are going to….. drumroll please….. share stories! Each month one or two interns will volunteer to share their faith stories! How exciting is this?!? I’m really excited to get to know more about the interns and where they came from. During our US-2 training, everyone in the program (including the Global Ministries staff) shared their call to mission/ministry. This was such a neat and sacred time for us to share together. Each of the Mission Interns and US-2′s came from unique places and had an exciting story to tell, and that was my favorite part of the day. So now I’m here, and I’m going to get to listen to more stories!

I’m excited about the bonding, stories, laughter, and maybe some tears that might be shared in the months to come and about building a community in this strange new world called Project Transformation.

That is all for today!



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