Chapel Hill’s Summer Book Drive, Part 2

On Friday, we featured a story about Hannah, a Reading Coordinator this summer, as she sought to provide each of her children with new books.  Her story continues today!


Entry 3 – July 12th

            This process has begun to teach me a very important lesson. Growing up I always received immense support for my mission efforts, except from one pastor at my church. I have a heart for missions, and have for my whole life. I remember vividly the lack of support, and these experiences squelched the desire in me to ask openly for support. I still received support when others found out about my most recent project or trip, but I never asked for it again…until now. Last week I informed the reading volunteers for the week, women from Triesch United Methodist Church, about our little project at Chapel Hill, and received immediate support and affirmation. A group of women especially took to our project and brought books and ideas to me throughout the week. They were not offended by my asking, but instead loved that I had the courage to do so, if that’s what it meant to get what is best for my kids. Their abundant support, and the support of so many others during this process, has begun to heal my wounds. It is not bad to ask for money and donations if that is what is needed to make something you are passionate about happen. In the past I have denied asking due to experiences and social awkwardness. I have learned, however, that if you ask you shall receive. While I understand not everyone can financially support me, they want to know what is going on in my life, and some may actually feel like they have missed out if they heard about this and did not get the opportunity to give. Beyond that, there are many people in my life who love and care about me, and want to support my passions. All of these realizations have enriched this journey that much more!

Entry 4 – July 19th:  Finding Out The Total

Following one of the longest days of the summer, Family Fun Night, I received the total for the amount of money raised for books. When I read the email I literally screamed and jumped. Needless to say, my roommate was concerned. The final amount was $735 from the online giving page, which brought the total to $985 worth of donations. That, my friends, is almost $1,000 worth of books!!! This does not even count the 86 new books that had already been donated. I ran downstairs yelling my teammates’ names and calling them on the phone. I simply could not believe what we had done.

Entry 5 – July 20th

I am so so so very excited for tomorrow. I seriously feel like I may explode in anticipation of tomorrow!!! I cannot even think about sleeping at this point.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday for the final entries of Hannah’s story!


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