The Beginning of Great Relationship

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This summer has been an emotional hurricane of love, challenges, exhaustion, compassion and hope. Over the course of our nine weeks, I have learned that I cannot escape God’s love for me no matter how many times I may seem to run away. I was reminded of this at the very first worship service this summer. I entered into worship really needing to be shown I was cared for and loved. One of the pastors of Oak Cliff UMC was giving the sermon that night. He brought his son which happened to be one of my youth kids. I said my excited hello then took my seat. I had only known this kid for one day, that day. Worship began, and I continued to be distracted by my thoughts and my worries. During the prayer invitational, I went to the altar, knelt, and began to pour out my heart.  I prayed for God to show me that I was loved and worthy of being loved. I prayed for God to give me a sign that his love always surrounds me. I went back to my seat and started to pray even more. When I opened my eyes, there he was, my youth camper from earlier. He smiled at me and initiated a game we learned earlier that day at camp. I will never see this as a coincidence. He and I were meant to meet at worship that night and interact for God to show me his love for me was real. That youth and I, from that point on, were able to develop a close bond that continues to grow even till today.

Marshall Jennings
McKendree University
Oak Cliff United Methodist Church


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