A Summer of Transformations

My summer with Project Transformation has been incredible.  At the beginning of the summer, I couldn’t even imagine the impact that this program would have on not only the kids, but me as well. But now as my summer here is coming to an end, I can see the transformation that took place in both mine and the children’s lives.

In the beginning of the summer, we had a little third grader who just plain did not listen. She was very hard to discipline, and it was exhausting to work with her. Around the third week, I was in arts and crafts, and she and another little boy were fighting over a specific pair of scissors. Since they both wanted to have that exact pair of scissors, I told them that they could share or they could each use a different pair of scissors. A few minutes, later, she called me back over to tell me that she let the little boy have the scissors, and she was going to use another pair instead.  At that moment, I had never been so proud of anybody in my life. As the summer continued on, her behavior just kept getting better and better; and, when she found out that it was the last week of PT, she burst into tears because she didn’t want it to end. On the last day, she wrote me a little note that said she would miss me and that I would always be on her heart, which meant the world to me. That note was worth everything that I had to give up so that I could spend my whole summer here

Watching her behavior change so radically through Project Transformation was so encouraging, and it is evidence of the transformation that happens here.  All of the kids from Walnut Hill have truly impacted my life. They’ve changed me for the better and taught me much more than I ever imagined they could. The precious memories I have of the children and their little smiling faces will be with me for the rest of my life as I remember this as a summer of true transformation.

Megan Donovan
Walnut Hill UMC
Tarrant County College


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