What Can We Share That Is Not Something That We Can Touch?

Since last summer with Project Transformation, I have been spending the year trying to figure out why I could wake up every single day and be at 7:15 morning Muevete, but had a near impossible time most days making it to my 9:30 a.m. classes at The University of Texas. Returning this summer has proven my main hypothesis: I am filled with so much joy and excitement to pour out to my kids that I can’t wait to wake up and give it to them each new day. God has shown me during my time this summer how he placed me, our kids, the other interns, and Himself into a beautiful balance of love and compassion for one another; not by mistake, but for a purpose to serve and grow closer to Him. I don’t think it would be possible to spring out of bed (OK, maybe I don’t spring) at 6:30 a.m. week in and week out if I was alone. The God-centric and God-given community here gives me the purpose, laughs, inspiration and motivation during the day and evening time to wake up and pour out those same attributes for my kids. I truly believe that’s what sets Project Transformation apart in its approach and energy: we are able to feed off each other to find strength when it is nearly impossible to find on our own.

This summer is worlds away from last for me: I am at a new site with completely new kids and team members. Honestly, I felt nervous and unhappy because of comparison at first. But God has truly worked on my heart and given me fresh perspective, love, and joy for the kids and interns this summer in my very new environment. This would not have been possible without the love poured out to me in community, and the ears that were there to listen and offer tender advice. “All Together Whole” makes so much sense to me as a theme for this summer because that’s truly how we find ourselves here this summer. Each of us has a unique set of talents, gifts, love, and personality that alone would not be able to thrive. Together, we compose the body of Christ for each other and most importantly, for our kids. Each part of the body is necessary and important and supports the others. Because we see each other through this visionary perspective of support, we are able to tap in and find the very best person that we can be.

I believe a bright six-year-old at my site, Chapel Hill UMC, said it best when she was prompted in Bible lesson with the question, “What can we share that is not something that we can touch?” She looked at me with pure, innocent eyes and said an answer I will never forget; one I think none of us should forget. She replied, “We can share our hearts, our love, and our lives together.”

And I think here at Project Transformation we are doing a pretty good job of that.

Theresa Grillo
Chapel Hill Intern
The University of Texas at Austin


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