2012 Dr. Leighton K. Farrell Award Honoree: Larry Randolph

Each summer, a returning Project Transformation intern is honored with the Dr. Leighton K. Farrell Award. This award is given in memory of the late Dr. Farrell, one of the founders of Project Transformation who provided the initial leadership and vision for the organization. The Project Transformation staff nominates and selects the recipient at beginning of the summer. The award is made possible each year by an anonymous donor.

This year’s recipient, Larry Randolph, is a third-term member at Project Transformation and has been a impactful force for the youth that he serves.  Here is what Larry has to say about receiving this award:

“I feel honored to receive this award. I began this job with the simple expectation to help kids with their math homework after school, but the experience became so much more. The extent to which Project Transformation has given me the opportunity to help, not just kids, but entire communities is difficult to put into words and the impact it has had on me is even more difficult to describe. What I can say, though, and what I do know, for a fact, is that Project Transformation is much needed, not only in the communities they are currently in, but in so many other urban areas in America. For me, working at Project Transformation has been a vital step in helping me to finish my undergrad degree, it has helped me to develop many professional skills that can’t be taught in a classroom, and it has not only shown me, first hand, the struggle of many families living in underserved communities, but it has shown me how to solve many of these same problems. I have truly seen God work in the families, churches and interns that are involved with this program and I know I will continue to be involved as much as I can.”

Congratulations, Larry, on this achievement! Project Transformation is so grateful for your service!



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