Being a Child and an Adult at the Same Time

Joanna with a fierce Green Gator!

I have come to the conclusion that my Red Dragons (the kindergarteners, first, and second graders at Casa Linda UMC this summer) only want to be chosen to hold that powerful Red Dragons sign in order to be the line leader. My Blue Ninjas, fourth and fifth graders, just want to be treated as teenagers…they just want to be the cool kids.

My Green Gators are something else, though. They are at such a special age where they want to be allowed to be children, and yet be treated like teenagers. I remember being a third grader, but never like my kids. They can be so sensitive at times and also know too much for their age. I am the teacher and somehow I have learned so much more from my third graders. To an outsider, some of the students may seem like “problem children,” but in reality they are just trying to find their place in this world, like you and I. I believe that we as adults are still caught in this same phenomenon from time to time. We want to be children and adults at the same time. The important lesson my Green Gators have taught me thus far is to continue to allow my inner child be free in order to make life just a bit more joyous…but also to know when I need to act like an adult!

Never lose sight of yourself. My Green Gators are fierce.

Joanna Osorio
Casa Linda UMC Intern
University of Texas of at Arlington


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