Why Are You Here?

As I head into my second week at Casa Linda with the youth, I couldn’t feel more blessed! I have only known my fellow interns for two short weeks, and my youth for four short days, and yet, each one of them already hold a deep place in my heart.

I was asked a couple days ago by a friend from school what my favorite experience so far has been.  I told him honestly that it was impossible to choose. I have been making new friends, having so much fun, deepening my relationship with God and His people, and exploring His call on my life. To put it simply, this experience is already transforming my life.

Headed into this summer, I prayed that God would teach ME, show ME, guide ME, use ME, and transform ME. All of these things have been happening, but over the past two weeks I have come to realize that it’s not all about ME. It’s so much bigger than me, and God is opening up my eyes to that. I was scared to death of meeting my youth the first day because I was afraid they wouldn’t like ME. Yes, I wanted to touch their lives and show them love and support, but the fear that weighed most on my heart was being liked. How selfish does that sound?

During our very first T.A.G. (Talk About God) time, God broke down all my selfishness through one of the 8th graders. This young man asked me very simply, “Why are you here?” This question stunned me; I wasn’t prepared. As I stumbled through my answer, I was humbled. In the end I articulated my desire to serve and be God’s hands and feet accurately, but it was an eye-opening experience. God showed me that this experience is not all about me, and it’s not all about the children and communities we serve either. It’s all about Him, and that is what I pray I will remember this summer.

Andrea Coats
Casa Linda Youth Team
Texas A&M University


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