Oak Cliff: Our New Home


An Oak Cliff participant during Arts & Crafts!

They’re here! We are so excited to say that our kids have finally arrived for the first day of summer camp at Oak Cliff United Methodist. After weeks of thinking about how it would all come together, it has finally arrived. I’m really proud of how things are coming together here. This summer at Oak Cliff, we have a full staff of 12 interns, 80 elementary children, 30 youth participants, and a growing team of 20 high school volunteers who are continuing in our program.

When my team created the theme for our Family Fun Night named “Oak Cliff: Our New Home,” I never realized how appropriate that was. In one short week, we have grown tremendously; our family has become a true working body of Christ.  Even though I’m still learning new names and remembering favorite books and colors, I am excited about the many new students that I have gained who are eager to share and to love! I have the highest expectations that we are going to become a great example of a house of fun and transformation.  We are surely going to have a promising summer!

Antoine Girard
Oak Cliff Site Coordinator
Howard University


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