Personal Investment

This year, Wesley Rankin gave me the opportunity to take some of my youth on the college trip to Austin which is usually only for 10th grade and higher students. The younger kids were excited to go on the trip because they always heard the older kids talking about it. We left on a Friday and stayed for two nights. During that time, we visited the University of Texas and the State Capitol, but the best time for me was the bonding that occurred after everything else was done. As a site coordinator, I plan curriculum and help with homework, but I believe one of the most important job duties I have is being a tangible, real life, positive role model to these kids. I feel that lives have a much higher potential to be impacted through people you have close relationships as opposed to those whom we don’t know personally. During that trip, I was able to strengthen my relationships with the youth. Good advice from a stranger is just good advice, but good advice from a close positive role model has the potential to be life changing. I know that the encouragement and direction I give them every day at site is so much more heart-felt now. I’m glad I’m able to take part of the lives of these youth!

Larry Randolph

Wesley Rankin Site Coordinator 2011-2012


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