Dream, Dream Dream

At Elmwood, we made dream catchers and told our kids the history behind them. I watched their faces light up with interest as we explained that they were used to catch bad dreams and only the good ones where able to pass through. The kids were very excited and eager to make their own dream catchers in hopes that it would “keep the nightmares away,” Daniela told me. As I watched them hard at work, knowing that the assignment was about making something that would catch bad dreams, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of dreams would get caught in their dream catchers and what dreams they would will let pass through. Not only while they sleep, but as they live, learn and grow. What dreams would they pursue and which ones would get caught up in their webs? We have some pretty big dreamers here at Elmwood who have high hopes of becoming veterinarians, police officers, singers and much more. I feel so blessed to be in a position where I am able to encourage them to pursue their dreams and even catch some of the bad ones for them.

Whitney Parson

Elmwood Site Coordinator 2011-2012


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