Fields of Flowers

As I sit by the door to greet the kids,I look at their adorable faces on the Who’s Who Wall. They look so innocent and full of life. As I look at each picture,the usual early bird, Eunice, is the first one through the door. I ask her how her day was and she says great. She takes her homework out and walks over to one of the tables. A few minutes later a handful of the children arrive. As I ask them how their day went, each child hands me a little flower. These are not the usual roses or daisy’s that one would expect but the flowers that grow on the grass that are considered weeds. As each one hands me one, they each give me a huge smile and tell me this is for you miss. How can one even judge the “weed” flowers, when each child gave with their great hearts and huge smiles? All I can say is the children of Christ’s Foundry give me a sense of happiness through their innocence and thankfulness through the simple gifts they give me on their arrival. This is when I know it’s going to be a great day at site.

Michelle Vasquez

Site Coordinator 2011-2012


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